About Rebecca Larson

Rebecca is a vibrant and passionate.  She currently lives in Warrenton, Oregon with her husband, Gavin and son Micah.  Born and raised in Arizona, Rebecca headed North for college where she attended Hope International University in Fullerton, California.  Since getting married in 2008, Gavin and Rebecca have worked their way up the Western Coast, living in both Southern and Northern California, Oregon and Washington.  Gavin and Rebecca have one child, a precious baby boy, born in April 2011.

Rebecca first heard her calling to ministry while attending a Christian camp when she was in junior high.  At the time, Rebecca was unsure how things would pan out, but she committed her education to preparing for such a calling and has since then used her professional life to work towards fulfilling that calling.  Rebecca first thought that she would be a youth pastor, but God had different plans; she is now the wife of a youth pastor, which has placed her in ministry in a capacity she was not excepting.

Rebecca studied social work because she knew that she was being called to be a part of freeing people from oppression and bondage. Her first professional job was in behavioral therapy and she developed a passion for helping parents who do not know how to discipline their children (she worked with severely emotionally disturbed children and found out that most of their parents were hurting and desperate for help and for someone to tell them that it wasn’t their fault).  Currently, Rebecca is working on her master’s degree from the University of Southern California.  She is, without a doubt, passionate about people who are hurting, about people who fear being truly known and about people who have been abused.  Rebecca desperately wants people to know the freedom that comes from having a relationship with Christ and the healing that He can bring to any situation.

Through deliborate transparency, Rebecca seeks to reveal God’s love and unending Grace.


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